You can hire ZeeZide to help you to architect and/or implement software solutions. We can give advise and help select technologies.

The focus areas are Swift client (macOS, mobile) client and server software, in addition to Slack applications. Though there is a lot of technology expertise in a range of technologies available.

When implementing things there is a strong focus on software quality. Rather think twice before coding.

Not religious (anymore) about technologies, but there are preferences. In no particular order:

Things we don't do:

  • SAP
  • Win32 C/C++ projects
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Anything PHP
  • EJB and alike
  • Android
  • C#, Haskell, Erlang, Scala, Visual Basic
  • Game programming

Stuff we like:

  • Swift, including Swift on the Server
  • Slack applications
  • Objective-C on macOS/iOS/GNUstep
  • WebObjects, GETobjects, SOPE, EOF
  • Calendaring, Groupware, CalDAV, CardDAV
  • Standards, specifically HTTP based ones
  • Python, Java, Zope
  • SQlite and RDBMS, PostgreSQL
  • HTML 5, Vue.js, non-PHP CMS, websites

Consulting only:

  • Outlook plugins/extensions
  • MAPI

We would consider:

  • Node.js / Deno

How much?

The regular rate is €150,-/hour. The actual one really depends on the type of the project, including duration, technology used and social impact. We've worked for much less, including for free.
We have a strong standing the OpenSource community and support such projects.

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